It's in the trees! It's coming! (thickets) wrote in simmons_gslis,
It's in the trees! It's coming!

Questions about dorms

Hey, I realize this community is a bit dead, but I thought I would try to get my question answered anyway. :)

I am starting at GSLIS in the spring, and I applied for a dorm. I'd requested North Hall but they had no more space there and so they offered me 5th floor South. They also had Morse Hall 4th floor open and I had heard the rooms there were bigger, so I tentatively asked to be switched to that.

Does anyone have any advice about the dorms, especially North vs. South vs. Morse? Is there a particular building where there are more GSLIS students? Do any of them have any major downsides, like in terms of space issues, bathrooms, whatever?
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