Titanius Anglesmith (piebalding) wrote in simmons_gslis,
Titanius Anglesmith

Weird question

Hey there.

I was recently admitted to GSLIS and am trying to decide between Simmons and one other school.

My (sorta specific, kinda personal question): Do any of you have disabilities? If so, how are they addressed with the administration and within the classes themselves?

I only ask because I use a wheelchair and am curious as to how well the program/classrooms would be able to accommodate someone like me. My undergrad institution was a cripple's dream (in most ways), so I'm just trying to get a feel for what I might deal with on the Simmons campus as far as physical accommodations and professor understanding.

Any insight, experiences, or suggestions you want to share (in this post or in a private message, if you don't feel comfortable) would be greatly appreciated.

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